Super specific issue but having looked at an older AIP, this kinda threw me off.

DNMM (Lagos, Nigeria) RNAV 18R Chart (12-2) is showing the TAA Arc for the EBSEX transition from radial 091 to radial 181 with a TAA of FL50.

Tha AIP, however, shows the TAA Arc from radial 361 to radial 181 with a TAA of 2000 ft. It also provides a TAA arc for OVNIK on 12-2 which Navigraph doesn’t. And it puts the TAA at MOLOP at 2000 ft as well.

Just curious to understand if I’ve spotted a bug :smiley:

Nothing but love from a fan.

thanks for contacting us …

Is it possible that you post the AIP charts as reference please that we can see this … Or is the AIP open and we can look deeper into it (than please the link to the AIP).

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Unable to share the AIP, nor is it public, unfortunately.

But, here’s the RNAV 18R plate, as reference.
729_DNMMAIP JAN 2019.pdf (271.8 KB)

The FL50 seems to be the descent restriction, but not the MSA/TAA of the fix.

thanks for the update … but your charts are dated JAN/2019 … our charts are dated with DEC/2020 and when you look on the “changes”, you see also a TAA change … so your chart is simple outdated … no bug :slight_smile:



that possibility crossed my mind. And I don’t want to be that guiy, but do allow me some follow up, as the whole thing seems “odd” to me.

On the older AIP, the EBSEX TAA arc was a full 180 from 182 to 002. On the updated TAA, it’s covering the northwester corner, that, in a way, is also covered by the MOLOP TAA, for which the minimum is 3500 ft. Actually, this what threw me off in the first place. I was expecting the EBSEX TAA Arc to be southwestern, as expected on a typical RNAV.

I’m also trying to clarify this from other sources. Bug was probably a strong word. But my gut is telling me something is off :smiley: