Displaced ILS or other database problems in JeeHell FMGS / not caused by Navigraph

Hi all,
using JeeHell A320 FMGS often problems with displaced ILS or other database related issues are assumed to be caused by the Navigraph database as I did myself first in this thread: EDDB ILS Rwy 25L/07R
With Jean Lucs help (THX a lot for the support!) for my case I could find the real reason, which has definitively nothing to do with the Navigraph database:
Updating A320 FMGS often causes A320FMGS\navdata\FSScenery.cfg to be misconfigured, when more than one simulator is installed. In my case and meanwhile in another case correcting the paths in the file mentioned above solved the problem.
As the thread initiated by me (mentioned above) is closed, I post that solution here for anyone looking for the solution here in the Navigraph forum. Perhaps an Admin can move that to the thread. And once again THX to Richard for his help.
Regards Rainer

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Done Rainer - thanks for your feedback for your solution. Such feedbacks are also important by us because we learn from you, the community also day by day. So, thanks for sharing this … I have moved this posting to the original one …

Servus & schönes Wochenende,