Dispatch Side Bar Overlays Dispatch Area

After the most recent updates the sidebar either covers up part of the left side of the flight plan, or the map overlays the right side. Something has changed in the UI on my system at least and it’s making it very frustrating to deal with. If I make the map smaller with the menu selection it’s fine - but why should we have to do that? I’m sure I’m missing something here - too basic and obvious of any issue. I have Chrome and I’m using medium font.

Hi, thanks for the report!

That’s really strange. I have the same browser version as you but no matter what I try, I can’t seem to reproduce what you’re seeing.

I’ve just released an update which should harden up the styles a little bit. Let me know if it happens to fix the problem. If not, can you please send a screenshot of the whole window? It looks like you’ve cropped the screenshot above, I’d like to see the whole window to get a better idea of how the rest of the sections are positioned if possible.

Another thing that might help would be to try to resize the browser window, and let me know if it looks better when you make it smaller or larger.