Dispatch Redirect - Automatically Select SID/STAR

I’m in the process of integrating the Dispatch Redirect method into our event’s website.

We’re generating URLs along these lines:


As you can see we provide a flight plan route that doesn’t have a SID or STAR included. If the user then changes one of the departure/arrival runways on the dispatch screen the appropriate SID/STAR is added automatically.

Is there any way to trigger that behaviour on page load rather than requiring the user to select a different runway?

I suspect that because we’re already specifying the route argument, the automatic SID/STAR selection does not occur, but I’m hoping there’s a switch that can provided that enables it?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Nick,

I’ve added this feature now. Simply send &find_sidstar=1 in the URL and it should auto-select SID/STARs when it loads the page.

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This looks to be working perfectly.

Thanks again,

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