Discontinuity in Approach LFPG ILS 08L


I have 2 questions regarding the above final approach.

  1. See the below map, which shows a discontinuity between PG505 and IG08L. In the MCDU, this translates into a Discontinuity that I cannot clear (if I try to clear it, I have a “Not Allowed” message). This is because the ATC provides radar vector until cleared to navigate to IG08L. Is this correct ?

  1. See below chart. In it, it says “FOR INITIAL APPROACH SEE 21-0A1 THRU 21-0A3”. Does Navigraph provides these pages and if yes, how do I access them ? I can see these pages in the AIPs.

Thank you.

Yes they are listed with the approaches on the chart tab.

There is no link between PG505 and IG08L, this is vectored by ATC.

Thank you. Apologies, I am a new user, how do I go to the “chart tab” ? This is what my screen looks like but I don’t know where to go next.

The centre icon to the right of the LFPG entry opens the charts tab

Ho waw okay, thanks a lot ! :+1:
I think I’m good now.

Hi guys,

Thank you @srcooke for your great support (as always :wink:) … It’s really great and helps a lot when user can help user … Appreciate it!

Thanks a lot,

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