Can't open RNAV initial approach charts LFPG


On Android “Navigraph charts” app, still for LFPG, it is impossible to open 26L/R RNAV initial approaches charts.

When I click on them (for 26L/R runways), nothing happens.

But it works only on Apple version (on my iPad).

Any idea to solve it ?

I let you check others airports.


Charles Bellot

Any idea to solve that ?

Hi Charles,

Sorry for delay.

First please uninstall / reinstall the app on the Android. Then we know you have latest version.

Does this problem only occur at LFPG 26L/R RNAV APPR chart?


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply.

It was for all LFPG initiall approaches.

Since reinstall, it is only initial 26L LFPG.

Hi Charles,

We cant reproduce it. Strange for one chart only on your Android.
Possible it can be lack of diskspace on the device. The Android needs to stream the tiles from disk to display. Maybe try freeing up some diskspace?


Ian, my Phone is SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G 512GO. 250GO free space on disk.

This issue does not exists on my old iPad Air 2 therefore.

Another idea ??