Digital OFP?

Most airlines are now using efb solutions that also apply to OFPs.
I would suggest as future feature an interactive OFP that feeds from the sim with relevant data (ex ATO, AFOB, ABRN)
Of course, the efb solutions do much more than the above and I think some features would be appreciated by simmers.
One of the most used solutions by airlines (to my knowledge) is Aviobook.
Here’s a description: The EFB you want, the way you want it | AvioBook
As long as you have a great partnership with Jeppesen why not try one with Aviobook? I for one would gladly pay a subscription for a service that replicates the “real deal”.

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I thought that too, but I dont know what would be required. Those systems usually require compliance with an ARINC standard to transfer OFP data from the FPS system to the EFB. Since there is already a Navigraph charts app (pretty nice I might add) with some modifications it could probably do it all because SimBrief can already pass route data to the Navigraph charts app. -

Most of the EFB systems allow a flight log to be maintained in the EFB - you cross a fix, you jot the time and fuel on board and it records it - some can even pre-estimate what you’d have onboard the next fix - like the FMS RTE LEGS page.
Sharing of the OFP amongst a crew - and the ability to mark one OFP as the MASTER
One you are airborne, you record the OFF time and the app can guess ahead from the OFP and estimate the times over the rest of the fixes, so you can in a moment see if you are losing time or gaining time.
Handling the weather/NOTAM brief within the App.
Handling PDFs like the FCOM and QRH within the EFB app.

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dougsnow, thank you for the valuable input!
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