Demo mode on Samsung A7 Tablet when i have a full Ultimate yearly subscription

Hi. I purchased a tablet to use navigraph on. I want to transition off the PC. In fact the sole purpose of the tablet is for this. But i am now extremely frustrated to find that charts are not showing and instead I am just getting a DEMO banner. This is happening for the MAXI1G on my EGLL-LFMN plan. I have checked i am in the right accounts after reading the forums on this issue and tried re booting and nothing is working. Am i missing something here? It seems some charts work and some don’t. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!



You have two accounts in your name. Check you are using the one with the subscription when accessing Charts.

Please provide a scrrenshot showing the Demo banner using Guide to posting Screenshots


Thanks for the swift reply Ian! I have updated with screenshots to confirm my account and the plan with MAXI1G and the demo banner when selected. But as you see the SYD2 works fine. It seems random but I would hate to discover more DEMO charts on a paid account.

You appear to be running a beta of the Charts Android app. Please install latest app. The Demo status is a subcription issue, and not per Chart.

Also what if you run Charts Cloud ?


Got it. Uninstalled the App and reinstalled from the link directly to the play store app on your site. It still has a beta build but the chart is now opening. Hopefully that has done the trick. Thanks alot for an amazing support and product!

You are welcome. Thank you for the kind words.

Happy flying.


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