Deinstall Navigraph 1.0.0-beta23

Hi there,
i tried the Navigraph 1.0.0-beta23 some time ago and i want do deinstall it because i want to use the newest version. Something went wrong and now i cant install or deinstall the Beta-Version anymore. The folder does not exist anymore. Can anyone help?


Hi Tobias,

The latest Navdata Beta Installer version is 1.0.0-beta.23.

To upgrade navdata to latest AIRAC Press REMOVE then press INSTALL


You have deleted the folder b yourself, without using the normal uninstall routine. Therefore you get this message now. I would rry to install the beta 23 again in the same folder.

As Ian wrote beta 23 is the newest one …

Thank you for the reply.

@Ian : The Navigraph navdata software isn’t installed on my computer anymore (so i can not remove the old airac cycle by clicking the button in the software), but the software gets shown on the deinstallation page as shown in my first post.

@NAVData : correct, i deinstalled the software without the windows deinstallation routine. Now i’m stuck. Because i can not reinstal the beta 23 version again :slight_smile: “Installation Aborted” “Setup was not completed successfully”

Is there a way to get the files back in any way without the installer? maybe a “unziped” version that i can put into the directory manually? Seems like my deinstallation has not cleared all links in the background and my computer is thinking the software is still installed.


Please follow all steps in FAQ - Charts desktop installer fails immediately but replace Charts Desktop with Navigraph Beta.



@stephen : Thank you for your help. It worked! Software is installed correctly and the newest AIRAC Cycle is up and running on my MSFS2020. :heart_eyes:

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