Uninstalling Navigraph Navdate (MSFS Beta) without a subscription

Dear Navigraph team,

I have a question regarding the Navigraph tool to install / uninstall the navdata for MSFS. For the moment I subsribed only for one month to test it.

Now just in case I want to uninstall the Navigraph navdata, the tool asks me to sign in. But I can’t sign in, as I don’t have an active subscription. Does this mean, that I need to buy an subscription just to uninstall the navdata and same if I want to reinstall the AIRAC I bought?

Thanks for your help,

I am not part of the team but i think the nav data is just installed to the community folder under folder name navigraph-navdata i think just deleting that would get rid of the nav data for you

Looks like this is the only way. But to be honest, I now just subscribed for a year :slight_smile:

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… Fernandito, and thats the BEST way :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just a joke … thank you Fernando, but I have just written a FAQ about this question, how do you uninstall the navdata correctly (with or without existing subscriptions) …

Thanks again for your loyalty …
Have a nice day,

yeah, that’s the best way :slight_smile:

But now I struggling a little bit with the installation of the new AIRAC. I wanted to reorganize my scenery file (content.xml). For that I followed your instruction in the FAQ section. Now that I want to install the new AIRAC I get this error message.


Can you help me here. Thanks.

Ah, now I see, there is also an info about this in the FAQ. Will try this first.

… and of course it is working now :slight_smile:

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