DC6 Aircraft Profile

With the release of the PMDG DC6 for MSFS, it seems that the DC6 aircraft profile in the simbrief system does not match the weights/performance of this aircraft. Is it possible to have the aircraft profile updated/amended for this version?


The DC6 profile was originally developed with the help of PMDG, I don’t really have any data other than what is already in the profile.

For the weights, you can customize these by creating a custom airframe in the My Fleet section. For the performance, can you be more specific about what is inaccurate about the current profile? Maybe it’s something I can tweak once I have a bit more information.


I’d very much like to have a selection of climb, cruise, and descent profiles.

For some flights, speed is a priority but for others range or endurance may be more important.

There are four cruise profiles, but the crucial long-range one is not available and I can’t figure out any way to change or add one.

Happy to do the work if someone can tell me how, otherwise I hope someone can help out.


I added an LRC profile based on what info I could find online. I’m not sure how it aligns when compared to the other cruise profiles, but hopefully it does the job.

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