Incorrect Top of Climb / Climb Rate


Newbie to “proper” flight sim to please go easy :slight_smile:

I did a flight from EGJJ to EGCC. There are restrictions on the SID. The Simbrief plan shown below put the TOC at 19000 however it then continued to climb to 39000.

I changed the FL on the FMC but wondered if there’s a way to change the TOC in Simbrief?

Also, I’m flying the A320NX FBW. I kind of expected to be at FL250 at GARMI but it was before that. I’m presuming its because the FBW doesn’t have VNAV?

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To force SimBrief’s initial TOC to FL390, for example, simply enter “39000” in the “altitude” option on SimBrief’s options page. Otherwise, by default, it may respect certain airway restrictions resulting in an initial level off at FL190 in this case.

That level off may have been why you passed GARMI at a different altitude on your flight, it’s hard to say. But in any case, the crossing altitudes of various waypoints during climb can vary due to the many factors that might influence them (vectoring after takeoff, differences in aircraft weight, fluctuations in climb speed, etc), and it isn’t unusual for some flights to match up better than others.

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