CYYR Goose Bay

Hello. I hope to write here in the right forum. In CYYR I noticed that there is a published chart (RNAV) for RW26, but in the flight plan window under approaches there are several RW26 approaches to choose from which are also displayed on the map (LOC BACK Y, LOC BACK Z, NDB, TACAN). I don’t know if this thing is already known, because I have already noticed it at other airports. Thank you for your always quick answers. You are really great. Best regards, Kurt.

In your chart settings change from Airline to Standard, all charts will then list.

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Thank you @srcooke … Kurt, he is right … I guess you have set the charts in the CAO (Airline) mode

Goto your settings in the charts and select it to “Standard IFR”. Close the charts and re-open it. After that, you should see all charts correctly.



Thx for your answers, it helped me out.

Regards, Kurt.

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