CYUL approch 10/28 decommissioned

From IVAO web site the runway 10/28 as being decommissioned and its still in the data and giving in flight plan

Can you remove it from data ?

Hi, thanks for the feedback. But it should be noted that IVAO’s website is hardly an “official” source for runway closures, and in this case they are incorrect.

As far as I know, 10/28 is planned to be decommissioned, but it hasn’t been officially decommissioned yet. It still appears on all official approach plates and airport charts as an active runway, even though it is almost never used anymore. The official CFS still lists it, for example:

Once the runway is officially decommissioned and removed from the official airport/approach charts, it will then also be removed from Navigraph’s data. :slight_smile:

What I will do however, is adjust SimBrief’s runway selection so that it doesn’t use 10/28 anymore. It won’t suggest it anymore, though it will still remain in the runway dropdown list and can be manually selected.

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Thank you very more for providing more information and do a little adjustment on simbrief

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