Cycle 2201 crashes FJS Q4XP aircraft in XPlane

The current cycle crashes FJS Q4XP in XPlane 11.55. I switched to an older cycle and it works. Is there any chance to download cycle 2113 again?

Hm, when this addon (I don´t know anything about it) uses the default X-Plane 11 AIRAC cycle, than please report this to the addon developer because the X-Plane 11 AIRAC 2201 is working without any crash. It could be happened that this is an addon issue.

Sorry, but I don´t have this addon nor do I know anything about it, nor I know anything about the developer.


Thanks for the feedback. In fact, the sim XPlane crashed and not the addon. The addon needed the navdata. I reloaded the cycle and now it works :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks for your feedback and good that is fixed …

Happy flying and stay safe …

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