XP11 - AIRAC cycle missmatch

I did the restore of AIRAC 2109 and XPLANE now is working like before the upgrade to AIRAC 2110…

Some how AIRAC 2110 has an error. After AIRAC 2110 update using NAVIGRAPH FMS DATA MANAGER the X-Plane restart present error : “Loading navigational data failed: Cycle mismatch between earth_fix.dat and earth_nav.dat. X-Plane 11 is not compatible with navdata files made for X-Plane 10.”

We dont´t have control if is applying updates for X-PLANE10… We just apply updates using FMS Data Manager…

I believe there a bug in the AIRAC 2110 update

can´t reproduce it - AIRAC 2110 works in XP11 without any issue and we have also no reports that this cycle will not work, expect your report now. So, I guess it´s more a configuration error on your side.

Can you post your mapping page and your setting page from the FDM please?

The mapping should be like this one:

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I have applied again the updates and work very well now. I realized that my first attempt I did updates with X-Plane loaded…

Probably some files could not be updated because X-Plane was loaded during the update.

The update works as expected when I did via FMS Data Manager and X-Plane was not running.

I have reproduced this situation… trying do update via FMS with X-Plane running… and the error back again…

Please try update without running the X-Plane…

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