Recent update of 2110 for X-Plane 11

Just updated my most recent update for AIRAC 2110. After download was complete I got and error message when I fired up XP 11. I’m currently running XP 11.41 and the message read
“Loading navagational data failed”
“wrong or old file format, 1100 version is required for D:\X 11.41/Custom Data/earth_nav but it read 1150 Version-data cycle 2110, build 20210922, metadata NavXP1150.”
“Please note that X-Plane 11 is not compatible with navdata files for X-Plane 10.”
I’ve never had an issue prior to now. Why now?
I’ve tried reverting back to the 2109 cycle & X-Plane 11 (11.50) reverts back to 2106 (2) cycle??Can someone please explain what is going on. Thanks



As per AIRAC 2014 release 31 Dec 20 last to support X-Plane 11.41, we do not support X-Plane 11.41, just the latest 11.50.

Sorry about that.


Ian: did not realize that X-Plane 11.41 was not being supported until now. Would you please cancel my subscription immediately.


No probs. Of course this does not affect MSFS and other FS’s nor importantly Charts.

If you still wish to cancel please send email to who are better set up to handle such requests.

Thank you for your business.


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