X-Plane 11 crash with 2310

Using FF A320, X-Plane 11.55r2 crashes on MCDU INIT FROM/TO input after Navigraph update to Nav Data cycle 2310, reproducible several times with different pairings, e.g. LOWW-EDDM.

Nav data backup was performed before updating in FMS Manager, however restore did not work, cycle label just turned magenta but still showed 2310.

Manually reverted from other machine still having 2309, then normal behavior restored.

Best regards

Hi Markus,
thanks for contacting us and welcome at Navigraph …

I have tried to reproduce your report, but I don´t get any crash in XP11 nor in XP12 with the FF A320.

I have made a short video, where you can see, that I can enter your example LOWW-EDDM without any issue, AIRAC 2310 loaded. I have also used here XP11.55r2 and the latest version of the FF A320 v1.3.6.2692.

I can´t say what is wrong on your system, but we haven´t received any other report, no can I reproduce it as you see, sorry. Possible you try to re-install the FF first, test it and then make an AIRAC update again?!


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