CTD when opening iPad app, version 8.23.1

Hi, as I reported earlier, I’m still experiencing immediate CTD when I open the charts app. I’m using 8.23.1 and it crashed out straight away. I also notice an OFFLINE’ screen that appears very briefly as the app opens, is it possible this may be part of the problem? Is there anyway of being able to revet back to an earlier version of the charts app?

Our fix mainly focuses on the freezes, which would also result in crashes in some cases. We have now got multiple confirmations that the latest update fixed the issue in the OP, but there could of course still be other issues that we are not aware of!

What device are you on, and what iOS/iPadOS version? Please attempt to reinstall the application completely as well, to make sure that nothing has gone corrupt.

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iPad Pro 12.9

I’ve reloaded the app several times already today, that is, deleted it then reinstalled it. I’ve already reported my actions of re-installing in this thread so I’m not going to do it again and again as it results in the same outcome - it crashes immediately. Prior to the most recent update, the app was working perfectly fine so while you guys focus on sorting this out, I’ll follow the advice of your colleague and use the charts.navigraph.com version on my iPad as this seems to be stable and working.

Thank you!

With all due respect, all I found in your previous answers was this:

I just wanted to make sure that you had a fresh install of the new version, as that can make a difference in this case! We’ll do our best try to find the reason behind your crash, but at the moment it does not look related to the original issue. We have not been able to reproduce it yet, and so far we have only received positive feedback on the latest release with the fix, which points even further in the direction that this is caused by something else.

Thank you for your patience so far! I promise that we’ll look into this.

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We noticed that you have removed all of your flights. Does the app still crash for you?

As we mentioned in the other thread, Apple has reviewed our app and has given it a go-ahead for release on the app store - they would not do that if the app was crashing outright.

If that is the case, then we are at a loss so far - we have nothing to go on. Looking at your logs there are no errors, but they do get cut short out of nowhere. Perhaps there could be connection issues?

Can you confirm that the App Store page shows you the latest version? That page can be quite heavily cached, and it sometimes takes a little while for the update to be available. You should be able to tell by the version history at the top:

With respect, suggest you look harder. I’m not interested in getting into an argument with you, but you’re not convincing me that you’re doing anything about this. Now, if you have specific questions to ask, then please ask. In the meantime I’ll use the web version until the app is sorted.

Yes that’s the version I’ve tried most recently.

Why do I get a very brief ‘OFFLINE’ display as the app is opening? Don’t recall this being a normal or usual feature of the app?

Because we assume that you are offline until we have verified that this is not the case - we do not permit offline use. The duration during which you will see this message varies with the speed of your internet connection, but a quick flash is normal at the moment. We do have plans to change this a bit though and hopefully, that will result in the screen not showing up like that anymore!

Did you remove all your flights? What was the last thing you did in the app before it started crashing? And to confirm, does it crash every time?

There is only so much we can do with what we have to go on right now. Apple does not provide any crash reports (most likely due to privacy reasons) and the logs that we have ourselves only cover the very short duration during which the app actually seems to work on your device. We have nothing to go on but guesses, and as mentioned already - Apple themselves did not see any crashes during testing.

We’ll investigate this, don’t worry! But all the information about the behaviour of the app along with any progress on your side would be much appreciated as we have no way of reproducing the issue ourselves.

Actually, one idea could be to have a look at the old builds that we have on TestFlight! They will expire sooner or later, but here’s an idea:

Please visit this link and register for testing: Join the Navigraph Charts beta - TestFlight - Apple

This will give you access to an old version of the app (8.20.0) for a limited time, which I assume used to work for you.

I will also upload the latest version, as this platform allows us to collect crash reports! This step will take some time however since Apple will need to review this release first. When they’re done, you should be able to download the new version from TestFlight and we should be able to gather at least some more information about your situation!

Ok sounds like a plan. I’m at work right now so won’t be able to do this until later today. Thanks.

Hey Team, have been using 8.22 all weekend and it has been the best, most stable and reliable version I have used. I don’t know what is different in 8.23.1 that makes it useless for me, but hoping you guys can delve into it and sort it out. In the meantime, happy to keep using 8.22. Many thanks for organising this for me, much appreciated.

You should also have access to the 8.23.1 version via Testflight. Please install and run this version. If/when it crashes, if you get an option to submit a crash report, then please do.

With this information we’ll be able to pinpoint the issue affecting you.

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Hi Stephen, I downloaded 8.23.1 via TestFlight and it crashed three times - I’ve submitted reports so hopefully you can zero in on the problem. Many thanks again for setting this up.


Thank you. We have received the crash reports and are now investigating.

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Based on the received crash reports, we have uploaded a new build containing a few changes that potentially improve the situation. Since we cannot reproduce this ourselves, you are welcome to try it out!

Apple is reviewing this new build, but I am sure it will be available soon (within 12 hrs or so). Thank you for staying patient, let’s figure this one out together!

Hi Team,
I’ve tested 8.23.2 as much as I can and believe this is a stable and reliable version. Are you guys satisfied that enough testing has been done? Do you need me to continue with testing?

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Hello @Flyguy56 ! Thank you for your efforts and your feedback, it has been much appreciated!

We will release a new version that includes these fixes as soon as Apple has reviewed our submission. Seeing as we submitted the app yesterday, we’re hopeful that it will be released before the weekend!

No more testing will be required. The issue will be fixed with version 8.24.0, and I will mark this thread as solved for now!

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Excellent, thanks for the opportunity to participate in the testing.

Are you able to advise what was wrong and what was fixed?

Sure! After analyzing the reports we got through TestFlight, we came to the conclusion that the crashes were caused by the tool we use to collect information in case of other, less critical issues.

Ironic really, but nonetheless it was fixed by updating said tool!

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