[MSFS] Binersim WIII + Navigraph Navdata causes Crash to Desktop (CTD)

Dear Navigraph,

I would like to report an issue when I have the Binersim WIII custom airport addon installed from the in-game Marketplace/Content Manager.

When I have the scenery addon installed, and I also have the Navigraph Navdata Installed. It always crashes to desktop when I tried to select an approach.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Install Binersim WIII custom airport.
  2. Install Navigraph Navdata using the Navigraph Navdata Center.
  3. Create an IFR flight plan from any origin airport but arriving at WIII.
  4. Select the STAR at WIII, and select any Approach at WIII.
  5. Sim will freeze for a few seconds then crashed to Desktop.

I also received similar reports when selecting the approach to WIII through the FlyByWire A32NX MCDU.

Two things please:

  1. Does this happens without the 3rd party scenery also?

  2. When you remove our data (means only using stock data) + the 3rd party addon - does this work?

Last, the scenery is SU 7 compatible, can you confirm this?


No. If I remove the 3rd party scenery, it works just fine like default without any CTD.

Yes, this works as well. I’m currently removing the navigraph navdata when flying into this 3rd party addon. And there’s no CTD as well.

So I’m not saying Navigraph is the sole problem here. Because the summary is:

Navigraph Navdata + Default Scenery = Works.
Default Navdata + 3rd Party Scenery = Works.
Navigraph Navdata + 3rd Party Scenery = Crashes.

So it’s only causing the issue when using a combination of these two addons.

I haven’t confirmed this yet. But the developer actually finished this Scenery and was due to release in Late October last year. So I’m assuming this was built and compiled under SU5 conditions, since that was the version that MSFS was running then. But since the in-game marketplace takes around 16 weeks before they’re finally released, by that time the scenery was released, we are already in SU7.

I’m not even sure if the developer can actually “catch up” with SU fixes and compatibility patches if they’re released exclusively through the in-game marketplace since any updates would also take approximately 16 weeks before they’re available for us to install. By that time, the Sim has been updated to the next few SU already making the fixes and compatibility patches obsolete by the time it’s released.

thanks for testing … I have requested a version from outside the Marketplace for testing. Hopefully I get one because I don´t buy anything via the Marketplace due the known reasons …

But it could a version issue yes. We have a few reports here in the forum too from other sceneries, which are build for “older” versions and they are not 100% compatible now with the current sim-update. The results were CTDs, wrong or none navdata and removed airports.


I managed to find a workaround… I have to delete the Content.XML file and restart MSFS. The sim will rebuild the Content.XML file and once I’m in, I can select the airport and choose the approach without CTDs.

The WSSS issue of missing STARs seems to have been resolved by doing the above as well.

Not recommended! and please DON´T do that … IT IS NOT SUPPORTED!!!

I have installed the WIII scenery now and can´t reproduce it, the same with the cloudsurfasia WSSS scenery.

Here my content-file:

… and here, when I have select an arrival + an approach at WIII:

… another one … no freezing, no CTD:

The same with the WSSS scenery - all STARs selectable:

So, I can´t see any issue here - the data are loaded correctly and the sceneries are also perfect, no issue found. Sorry, I can´t reproduce it and I don´t also see no issue with all these sceneries.

Used sim-version 1.21.18, latest Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.5 version (running in the background):


PS: by the way - directly from the WT CJ4

Thanks, I also don’t have the issue anymore after having the sim rebuild the content.xml file. It looks similar to yours now.

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