Cruise level missing in FPL?

I can’t find the simbrief entered altitude in the generated flightplan.
It’s not in the PLN file neither in the RTE. How do ATC know about the requested cruise level?
And in the simbrief view after generating FPL I can only see “initial altitude”


What format of flight plan are you using to generate?(Lido, EZY etc?)

The flightplan is generated from Simbrief and then exported from the simbrief downloader in different formats, in this case, the Just Flight 146. The format is posted as RTE, but it’s also generated as a standard MSFS flightplan format = PLN. Neither contains the cruise level thet was input when created the flightplan.


The Just Flight .RTE format does not support cruise altitude data, so we cannot include or import it. This is a limitation of the format itself, nothing we can do from our end.

The .PLN format does include the initial cruise, however. Though depending on which add-on you are importing into, it may or may not take it into consideration.

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