Critical Fuel Scenario


is this feature available on the simbrief? wherein you enter your enroute alternate and that would give you the critical fuel scenario in case of eng depress and/or 1engine failure
It may be a feature, but i cant seem to find it.
In the airline that i worked for as a dispatcher, we also calculate CFC even in almost any flight, regardless of how short it is. simply put, we calculate CFC on non etops flights with 60mins enroute alternate pairings (ETPs)

thanks for any answer

Hello, SB will calculate ETOPS ETPs, EEP. and so forth. I don’t recall if SimBrief does domestic CFCs. I think it would depend on the operator.


yes, I found the ETOPS option on the screen (my bad :sweat_smile:)

and yes, I tried playing around with the EDTO section on the plan screen

What i meant was imagine the 120 min circle gone, only the 60mins. I was trying to produce this
and still calculating the fuel scenario for each etp pairs. We do this to separate plans which are ETOPS from NON ETOPS (as the company policy, they should still have critical fuel scenario even on NON ETOPS short routes).
To be clear, I’m not saying SIMBRIEF to implement this. I’m just confirming if such option is available, as I have been playing around it.

And do the produced calculations on CFS section are based on FL100? as this is the ENG DEP level if i recall.



It currently isn’t possible to auto-plan 60 minute ETPs in SimBrief, though as you’ve seen you can sort of get it to work by manually entering the airports in the ETOPS section.

Perhaps we can consider this for a future update.

As for your second question, produced CFS is based on the most conservative of the following scenarios:

  • DX (engine failure and depressurization to FL100)
  • DC (no engine failure, depressurization to FL100)
  • 1X (engine failure without depressurization, cruise at 1EO ceiling)

More information is available in the User Guide - Interactive OFP Sample (ETOPS section)


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