Southwest (SWA) OFP ETOPS

Hello. With the release of the PMDG 737, I’m wondering if the Southwest Airlines OFP might get updated in the future to include ETOPS flight planning? Currently it seems I can check the box for ETOPS planning but I get no results on the OFP. I assume it’s just not enabled?

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I agree please add this to simbrief.

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Hello, I have put your request in. Ensure that you select the airport in green and ETOPS in the dropdown.

just the EEP EXP and ETP Cords would be great to have.

100% agree. If we could just get the OFP to give the EEP, EXP and ETP, I would be happy. I don’t need the extra fuel info. With MSFS I don’t need all the data for diversions and contingencies.

Hello, we are working on SWA release ETOPS.

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I’ve added initial ETOPS support to the SWA layout. Not 100% sure if the location of the ETOPS sections is correct though, I might update the layout further in a few days if we manage to get some more data.

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They also add in the fuel ladder the fuel required for the APU (as they have to run the APU in ETOPS), and any fuel required for the ETOPS fuel scenario, even if that fuel amount is zero, its still identified as such in their fuel ladder for all ETOPS ops.

Thanks! Will try to add this over the weekend.

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Put the highest APU fuel in this area, the 560 lbs for the DECOMP 1 ENG into the fuel ladder and you’re there

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 17.19.59