Create flight plan in charts and move flight plan to SimBrief

I would like to be able to create a flight plan using charts and copy the way points (think of sky typing or sky writing) to SimBrief to create an OPF
I have read. In the forums that (type route) was a work around .However I can not find said (type route button)

Simply put I would start out at KSEA fly to a waypoint then create way points in the charts app by tapping on the chart this shows lat long add it flight plan.
My question is how do I get the way point lay, long cordnates to SimBrief.
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Here is a flight with a coordinate waypoint. Press the button in the top right corner to enter text edit mode.

Then copy the route string:

OR use the Export > Copy to Clipboard feature:

And paste it in SimBrief:



Under the Flights tab I have the route I selected the pen in the upper right hand corner, however on the left side I do not have export button only general and option. What am I missing?


In Charts Desktop Settings, check you have the latest Charts Version 8.3.0 Build 6336412403

You might check if the Export button appears in Charts Cloud

In any event you can use the mouse to select the flight plan text string, press CTRL-C to copy, and CTRL-V to paste into SimBrief.


Ok I do have the most current version
On my ipad the export button is not on the ipad but is on my PC.

I have been building my flight plans on my iPad and that is where Simbrief is too! On my desktop (PC) only have chartsivon, no icon for Simbrief.

I copied the flight coordinates to a file that saved to a folder under documents as a .pln
How do I get the .pln into Simbrief?

Ah, for Charts iPad please see No export function in Safari or Chrome and Charts App on iPad?.

There isn’t currently a direct export from Charts into SimBrief. As I mentioned above you can copy and paste the flight string between them. You will need to create a plan in SimBrief with the departure and arrival airport, then paste the flight string into the Route Box between the departure and arrival airports.


Ian thank you for you reply after doing some more digging and using the desktop I was able to get this flight plan created in charts on the desktop copy and paste into the route section on Simbrief and then up load it to my 787-9
I did run into one issue and that had to do with the Microsoft cloud
My 5 gigs of storage was full it said.
And the only way to get this to work was to increase my iCloud storage.
Does that make any sense to you?
I do not know why that is.
Win 11
Thank you

Hi Lane,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

I try to avoid using Microsoft OneDrive for that reason. I prefer to download to and execute from my local disks.