Simbrief Download to iPad

Hi, whenever I try to download a generated Simbrief plan to my iPad (from the create new flight button in the app) it says it cannot find one for my SB ID.

If I load up the PC version and do exactly the same it downloads fine, this used to work on the iPad and has stopped in the last couple of months.

Is anyone else experiencing this?



Since the new version of charts updated on my ipad every time i try to import a flight it asks me to sign in. It then tells me I already am. I am on my pc but can’t load from simbrief simply like I used to no flights show up. It tells me to create one which I already have. NONE of my flight show up. any ideas???

Very frustrated

Have the same issue, Charts app can see the latest flight from simbrief but once I click “import and open” button nothing happens

You are probably using different accounts in SimBrief and the Charts app. If you sign out from both and then sign in again in both, and in SimBrief make sure you have also pressed the “Generate OFP” button (flights need to be generated to show up in Charts). Then use the Import from Simbrief function. Does it work better?


Maybe there was a temporary issue, please try again. Also try with a second flight in Simbrief just to test.