Best Flight Plan to Cirrus Vision Jet Workflow

Hello, I’m new to Navigraph and tried to find thr answer to this question, but didn’t.

I have Navigraph Hub and Simlink installed on my FS2020 computer. I also have the FlightFX Vision Jet and Working Title enhanced avionics installed within FS2020.

I have Navigraph Charts installed on my iPad Pro.

I also have Navigraph Charts and Sim Innovations Air Manager installed on a laptop, but would rather use Navigraph Charts on my iPad instead.

What is the best workflow for me to create fight plans on my iPad and get them into the Vision Jet’s FMS? Theoretically I would expect the enhanced avionics feature to allow me to import a flight plan, but I’m unclear whether a flight plan I create on the ipad can be exported or otherwise transferred so that can happen. Do I need SimBrief? Do I need to start with it?

I’m amazed at the breadth of the Navigraph ecosystem, but as a beginner, I’m having a little trouble piecing it all together.



Hello Larry thanks for the comment. My workflow is as follows: 1) SimBrief to create a flight plan, the Vision jet is an aircraft that we support. 2) Export the flight plan via the Simbrief downloader tool. This tool is found here: That program should find your installation folder automatically. 3) Lastly, on the Navigraph charts app (we often use an I-pad when we fly) click new flight and then import from Simbrief. That will populate your route into Navigraph. Have a go at this video as well.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for all the info. i’ll trynit :slight_smile:

So, I’ve successfully learned how to use SimBrief to create a flight plan, loaded that into Charts on my iPad, and made the changes I want to it. However, I don’t see any way to “save” those changes to the flight plan and they don’t appear to me to be auto-saved. So, I’m not sure how my changed flight plan can be used. I might assume from your instructions that this is where SimBrief Downloader comes in, but it’s not clear to me how that could help since it would presumably be installed on FS2020 simulator PC and the flight plan I revised on my iPad isn’t showing up in the web version of Charts or even on the iPad itself. Plus, I was able to retrieve the original SimBrief version of the flight plan within the SF50 avionics even without installing SimBrief Downloader. I read about it, but it’s not clear how it could help me.

Clearly there is something fundamental I’m not understanding here. Thanks for your assistance.


I don’t know why I was not seeing the flight plan revisions i made on my iPad “stick”, but now they are. I can create flight plans in SimBrief, edit them on the iPad, and see the revised flight plans on the iPad and in the web version of Charts. That’s much better. I’m still not seeing the revisions in SimBrief, but maybe that’s normal. I haven’t tried installing SimBrief Downloader or accessing the flight plans in FS2020 yet. I’ll try that next.

What I’ve read about SimBrief Downloader describes it downloading SimBrief flights in various formats to the folders they need to be in. I’m having a little trouble getting it installed and configured correctly, but I have a question about what it does.

Even without SimBrief Downloader installed, the SF50 Vision Jet Avionics (SimBrief button in GTC 580) can see and import flights i create in SimBrief. So, it doesn’t appear I need SimBrief Downloader for that.

What I do need is a way for the SF50 Vision Jet avionics to see and import flights I have customized with Navigraoh Charts on my iPad. I originally created those flights in SimBrief and subsequently revised them in Charts on the iPad, but the only flights the SF50 Vision Jet avionics can see and load are the originals I created in SimBrief (not the revised flights I created on the iPad).

Those revised flights don’t show up anywhere I’ve seen in SimBrief. Can the SimBrief Downloader find those revised flights in the Navigraoh cloud (apparently not the SimBrief part) and download them to wherever they need to go for the SF50 Vision Jet avionics to see and load them (if I ever get it configured right)?



Hi Larry,

There isn’t currently a direct export from Charts into SimBrief. You can copy and paste the flight string between them. You will need to create a plan in SimBrief with the departure and arrival airport, then paste the flight string into the Route Box between the departure and arrival airports.
You would then press Generate Flight to created the OFP again, ready for SF50 to load it.

Please see also Save ATC flight plan from Navigraph to Simbrief - #2 by Ian

You can also Copy to Clipboard the flight plan edited in Charts:


Ian, thank you so much for those details. It’s not quite the answer I wanted, but one which will work until a better solution is available. To be honest, I saw that copy/paste workaround mentioned elsewhere, but I thought “surely not, probably that’s dated and a better way has been implemented”. Wishful thinking I guess. Considering how impressed I’ve been with your ecosystem, I’lll bet a more seamless solution will be available “sometime”. Also, with this I don’t think my use case requires the SimBrief Downloader. That’s good. One less piece of software to worry about.