Correct PSX Mapping for the FMS Data Manager

First of all, the FMS Data Manager will NOT find the Aerowinx PSX automatically thru the “scan”-process. The reason is, that this sim can be installed anywhere on your system, without any reference in registries, or other parts of the OS.

Therefore you have two possibilities to install the updates:

  1. via the manual-installer from the webpage
    Here you only need to run the setup and browse to the <PSX-root-path>, that is the path where the Aerowinx.jar file, or the AerowinxStart.jar file is located. After that the data will be installed into the correct sub-folders

  2. via the FMS Data Manager
    To add the Aerowinx PSX to the FMS Data Manager, follow following steps:
    *) close the PSX and start the FMS Data Manager
    *) goto on Addon Mappings page in the FMS Data Manager and press the + Add button

    *) select Aerowinx Precision Simulator X (v10.149 and above) from the dropdown list and select User Defined Folder for the installation

    *) now select following directory: <PSX-root-path>\Navigation\-Custom\List
    the result should be like this:

    *) press the Save buttton, wait till the green circle is finished, go back to the Addon List

Now you have added the PSX mapping and it´s only a click away to update the monthly AIRAC cycle for Aerowinx PSX also.