Aerowinx PSX Nav Data

This is very good news and I would like to thank Navigraph and Hardy for bringing current and updated AIRAC data to us.
My question: How do I tell my FMS Data Manager where to place the data for PSX?
The scan function has not detected my PSX and all the folders in setting are pre-allocated to generic simulators and there does not appear to be any option to change the simulator type for any of them.

I would like to add my gratitude to the Navigraph Team. Thank you for cooperating with Hardy who is all things Aerowinx PSX & making this possible.

To answer the question above…‘point’ the Navigraph installer at the file location in which your PSX.jar file is installed (usually within the parent PSX folder). The Navigraph installer will do the rest for you.

If this is successful (& once the install of the Navdata Cycle is completed) you can confirm everything is correct by checking the following file path:


  • Where ‘X’ is your parent directory, within the List folder you should see a subfolder containing the latest Navigraph Cycle that you have just installed. You can then apply that Navdata Cycle via the PSX ‘About’ page on all your PSX instances.


Stephen Bell

Thank you Stephen,

I had to point it directly to the ‘List’ folder but it’s there now. Will I need to process this through the Navburo application?



Mike Monk

Hi Mike,

No mate, no need to touch Navburo. Just select the relevant data cycle from the drop down menu on the PSX “about” page.


Excellent! Thanks very much.


Thanks Steve … I have written a short FAQ, how do you install the PSX data …


Thank you Richard.


Mike Monk

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