Copter Procedures X-Plane

Hi Navigraph team,
I know this has already been discussed in a past forum post for MSFS, but I was wondering if there was any intention of making the copter data accessible at least as an option for X-Plane. Since there have been some interesting releases recently and flying copter procedures on airports/helipads that are unique and sometimes really needed when simulating certain operations with weather below minima. So is there a way to get it as an option or at least get access to that data just to add it to the CIFP in X-Plane?

Thanks in advance

thanks for the idea - I have moved it to the “wish-list” :wink:


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Funny coincidence, I am also looking at this subject currently. I actually subscribed to Navigraph hoping to find some of these procedures.
Would love to see them in X-Plane!

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