COPTER Procedures

Hi Navigraph!

More and more are flying helicopters in MSFS and, as you likely know already, helicopters do IFR.
I’ve got a good few thousand offshore hours, and most of this flying is procedural IFR, except for the landing and takeoff on the rig/platform/ship/boat part.

So, we need the COPTER procedures, please.

I’m all for this. Speaking of which, I find that I can’t even get a helipad ICAO code as a direct-to in the GTN750 when using the Navigraph Navdata for MSFS.

Does Navigraph have any plans to make Nav Data for Helicopters in MSFS?

Agree with the others. I think the upcoming inclusion of officially supporting helicopters later this year by Asobo will be a growing demand for inclusion in Navigraph subscriptions.

Hi guys,
yes, we have copter procedures also in our data (you see this also in our charts). Currently, we exclude these record types because the current MSFS format is not compatible with such records but we are working very closely with a few heli developers to implement our data in the upcoming heli addons.

In other words and short:
Yes, we will also provide helicopter data for all our heli customers too.


Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks Richard.

We are looking forward to this.
Do you have a timescale?

YTAC, Lane

Hi Lane,
it depends on the speed of the addon-developer :slight_smile: … We are ready and the data are also available. The issue here is that the normal MSFS (bgl) format is not very useful for such special procedures, therefore we have created a own helicopter data format to support all current and also upcoming features. The MSFS BGL format is a very static format and from FS9 times and we can´t use this schema for the helicopter (excl. you use the GTNs but not in all aircrafts/helicopter are a Garmin installed ;-)).

That´s also the reason, why we have to exclude the data in the current MSFS dataset.

In other words, as soon as the first professional copter project is out, we will release the data for it also but not in the MSFS format.


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