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Continuing the discussion from Align nav data to 3rd scenary:

actually the reason is simple, few people worry about high accuracy ever since fsx\p3d
that is why for lovers of accuracy, resources such as FSX/P3D Navaids update and created

so you wanted an example you got it:
paid 3rd party scenay SKBQ by pksim is used with wrong ILS course (40) and possibly slightly wrong runway coordinates as well, and we see a noticeable offset relative to the runway axis


important, that in both cases the plane in flight uses your nav base and LOC fly with the correct course (48) aligned with the true runway

You don’t have any subscription, so from where do you have the cycle 2208. Please post you Navigraph account ID because the used one here in the forum has no subscription.

See this as warning …

Thank you

course ,see PM, i sent…

I will try the scenery and if something is wrong, we will inform the devs of this scenery. Thanks for your hint.