Constantly Logged Out

Dear Navigraph Team,

I’d like to offer you a deal: I will continue to pay for the service in full, and you, Navigraph, will in return agree to render the service I paid for, without interruption, and specifically without constantly logging me out and forcing me to re-enter my credentials.

Snarky remark aside, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the constant need to login again and again, sometimes daily, sometimes mid-session and across all application and devices, with each client needing to be logged in seperatly. Frankly, I’m getting tired of proving to you that I am a paid subscriber and am considering to just stop being one altogether. Please rethink your approach and consider doing what other business do, which is to set credential timeouts in sync with the subscription renewal timing (i.e., check once per month on the first day of the subscription period) and please, please (!) investigate the concept of single-sign-on authentication.

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We are sorry to hear you are being frequently logged out. This is not normal. Please make sure you have the latest version of Charts 8, SimLink, FMS Data Manager and Navigraph Navdata Center from Downloads, as there were some logout issues in some older versions.

If this continues, please take screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots and identify which app is disconnecting you.


Hi Ian,

Very much appreciate the cordial and speedy response, despite my tone (apologies).

I just reinstalled all Navigraph apps with the latest versions from the Downloads page and also made sure the iOS app was current. I was pretty sure that I had the latest versions of all apps already, but let’s see if the re-install helped matters.

Will report back.

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I ran a little experiment over the last few weeks, after following the advice given here and reinstalling all apps. A few weeks into this I found the following: I had 3 seperate login requests thus far, once from Simlink, once from the MSFS Navigraph navigation panel and once from the Navigraph Windows app. I didn’t fly any aircraft with Navigraph EFB integration, so can’t speak to how many of those would have required another authentication.

I only fly on weekends, so on average I have been logged out of Navigraph apps once per weekend thus far. I’ll keep a tally, but to my original questions: what is a reasonable frequency for proving that one has purchased an annual subscription, and why not go to a single-sign-on model?

Another weekend and another round of logouts (2 thus far). Is this just me, or is this happening to others as well?

Quick update: had some more time to fly over the holidays and I’m randomly getting logged out of various tools every other day. I was just logged out of the iPad map less than 24h after the last login.

@Ian, is that normal and expected, or is there some wrong with my account?


As I mentioned above this is not normal. I occasionally am required to log in maybe monthly but I am trying many different apps and procedures.

Do you per chance have you computer going in to sleep mode after a time?

Any apps on your computer which cause a Windows sleep or shutdown?


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Thanks for the reply Ian.

To answer your question; no, I have timeout for sleep and shutdown disabled in case I step away from my desk during long flights.

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I am constantly getting logged out while using FS2020. I find this very frustrating as it often happens at the worst times. All my simlink, charts, hub, and data manager apps are up to date. running Windows 11. It seems if I get the Navigrah simlink message box up, I can resign in again. Sometimes I have to go into task manager shut down simlink and try again. Would it help if I logged in where it says sign in with Google Apple Microsoft or Navigraph to do other that Navigragh?

I’m also having issues with being logged out.
Running Simlink on the MSFS PC, with Charts on an macOS and Android device.

I contacted Account support and they directed me to this forum.

Anything I can do to minimise these log outs would be great.

I’m still experiencing this.

A handful of logouts within 24 hours on the same device, on the same network.

Hi there, any assistance with these logouts?

Hi @hook55 and @geekle,

Apologies for delay. I have enabled extra logging on your accounts. Please try again and provide details of what you are doing when these logouts occur. What sort of speed and reliability do you have with your Internet connection?


Hi @Ian ,

I’ve tried to use Navigraph app on my Macbook in the past 12 hours or so and it was logged out both times. I was doing nothing in Navigraph, apart from alt-tabbing to use it.

Internet connection, currently up for over 7 days and a 100/40 stable connection.

Let me know if you need anything else.

I have this issue as well. Just random log outs. Also navigraph hub will tell me to log in and I do and then it says access denied you must have an active subscription, even though I do. I have to go into the taskbar and exit it and then reopen it for it to detect my account. Not sure whats going on but it seems to be more and more frequent

Hi! Unfortunately, it is hard to tell anything from the logs. From our side, everything looks normal!
However, please see this topic and the specific post:

This is a different issue. Please see this topic and specific post:

Kind Regards,

I am also having this problem. Simlink logs me out at least once per day. I can’t figure it out, but it’s quite annoying.