Consistently incorrect name for famous historic airport in Navigraph data

Can you please fix this glaring error in the Navigraph database.

Airport EGTH is currently labelled as Hatfield in your data. EGTH is no longer Hatfield.

Hatfield EGTH was an Airfield around 20nm further south of Old Warden airfield, but Hatfield is now closed and redeveloped as a trading estate. Hatfield itself was a famous airport and home to the de Havilland Aircraft Company and did indeed once have the ICAO of EGTH, but was closed in 1994.

The ICAO code was thereafter reassigned to Old Warden Airfield (the one you are still incorrectly calling Hatfield).

So EGTH should now be called Old Warden in your current data. Your location for EGTH is already correct. It is just the name label which is incorrect.

It would be nice to get this sorted in the sim as Old Warden is an important airfield historically and today.

Further information is available here if you wish to clarify what I am saying.


this is not a Navigraph issue because in our database the airport name for EGTH is “Old Warden” …

Here from LNM, when you´re using the Navigraph data:

… comparing, when I use the MSFS airport stock data:

This issue should report to ASOBO because we may not change existing airports in the MSFS. We can only add information to it but we may not change ICAO codes, airport names or runways. Sorry.

Please report this to ASOBO, this is not a navdata issue from our database as you see.

Thank you very much,


Thank you for the clarification. It wasn’t obvious to me where the bad data was coming from.

I will indeed report this to Asobo in the hope that someone will care enough to fix it.


… later…

Reported to Asobo Zendesk.

No problem, you’re welcome … and thanks to make the sim more up2date, it’s helpful for ASOBO also …


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