EGHH ATC Frequencies Error

I have a problem with Bournemouth (EGHH) ATC Frequencies as it includes Southampton (EGHI) frequencies as per the Navigraph charts dataset used by MSFS. I have tried to prioritise by placing Navigraph content.xml entries to the bottom and ensure the relevant delete entries in the scenery package had been selected. This can only be isolated by uninstalling the AIRAC cycle data. Screen shots show Charts Data and how this shows within the Sim. The without AIRAC cycle data shows the incorrect frequencies removed. Can the Charts dataset be corrected as I am currently not able to use/update the AIRAC data through the Navigraph Navdata Center. Thanks

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sorry I can´t follow you, which frequency is wrong here? I have compared the frequencies with the AIP and all looks ok (ie. the ATIS frequency 133.730 is correct and not 121.950). Also the Southampton callsigns because as an example the SOLENT RDR will be controlled by Southampton. and the TWR and the RDR frequency are backup frequencies on high traffic.

So, I´m not sure, which frequency is wrong here … please advise.
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There is a conflict when at Bournemouth EGHH with 2 tower frequencies - Southampton Tower (118.205) and Bournemouth Tower (125.605). Southampton tower is called from Bournemouth runway for take off and also for landing clearance. This is an error as Southampton airport comm data is not relevant to Bournemouth EGHH. The Southampton EGHI on Navigraph charts is correct and doesn’t included Bournemouth Frequencies in the comm data, so in my view it is an error to include Southampton Airport comm data within the Bournemouth Airport comm data in reverse. Is there a way to remove all the Southampton frequency comm data (especially the tower frequency) from the Bournemouth EGHH comm data to avoid this conflict. I will continue to not use AIRAC data from Nav Centre as this is my only workaround for now. Hope that makes sense and is clearer. Many thanks Regards Paul

Hi Paul,
but honestly this is more a MSFS issue. The problem in the MSFS is that this sim can’t handle multiple com’s on different airports and the reason is because the MSFS doesn’t know the station and looks only the frequency.

We can’t set this information because the MSFS doesn’t support it. Thats exactly the reason why so many addon developer don’t use the stock data as their source.

We will look, if we find a workaround to set only the airport com’s. Possible we loose some other things than but again the ATC in the sim and the data are very, very basic what we can set directly.

At the moment we can’t do anything but we will try to find any workaround in the future.


Hi Richard, Thanks for looking into this.

The default data only includes Bournemouth Comms ATIS (121.950), Tower 125.650, Approach 119.475 and Ground 121.700 as per real life data. I started the sim without Navigraph Nav Data installed and its correct. adding in navigraph nav data is where the additional (Southampton Frequencies are then added to the sim (Solent RDR 120.230, Southampton Tower 118.205, Southampton Radar 122.730) its these Southampton frequencies that are being added in error. These are not present in the sim by default.

Is there a database issue with the Navigraph data causing this error or something that the sim is causing with the AIRAC Navigraph data being added in, i.g grouping airport data feeds or alike, otherwise I’m struggling to see the logic where the sim is causing the issue with the default comms being correct. Thanks again for looking into this and hope there is a solution available.


Hi Paul,
no there is no database error, the frequencies are all correct as in real life. The stock frequencies are not 100% correct (ie the ATIS frequency, which is 133.730 in real and not 121.950). As I have written before, also the Southampton frequencies are correct as in real life.

The limitation in the sim is, that the basic ATC has no idea which frequency should be used because you can only set the frequencies and the type but not the station coordinates, which are differ of course. So, the sim doesn’t know that the tower frequency 118.205 is not at EGGH and therefore the sim can’t decide which is the primary/secondary frequency.

Again, this is not a data issue this is a sim limitation. I must look if I can exclude all the Sourhamption frequencies as a workaround, but honestly thats not the reality and I’m currently also not sure, if I can do this without loosing information on other airports in the world.


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