Connot find simulator

Karsten, you should NEVER!!! ever remove the folder manually - use always the app for this. When you can´t use the app for some reason, a workaround is to delete the content.xml file and re-start the sim, re-install the sim is not necessary and very, very time consuming :wink:


Gah… You should have told me that 5 minutes earlier. :wink:

Well that was the problem, since the app didn’t see the installation I thought my only option was to delete the folder manually. I guess the content.xml file pointed to the missing navigraph data, and that is why my sim showed no navdata?
Well… lesson learned. Maybe it will help with the problem of the app not detecting the sim in the first place, though.

Just to report:
Reinstalling MSFS, as long as it took, did not change a thing.
The Navigraph App still does not see the sim as being installed.

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I am having a similar issue, with 1.0.0-beta.14 it works fine and can find the simulator and update the Airac with no issues but when I install the new installer it can’t find any simulator.

This is installed by the MS Store and there is no other versions installed.

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