Connecting 2nd copy of XP 11 to Navigraph

Hello simmers,
last week bought a second copy of XP11 (because it is cheep now due to XP 12) and run it on THE SAME COMPUTER, but the 2nd (newest) copy I run on a different external SSD drive. I want to keep both copies of XP 11 working, which they do. After being away from the sim I just renewed my subscribtion to Navigraph, and updated to the latest airac circle. So far, so good. Checked the GNS530 in the 172 and no more MSG, so updated.
But when I run the other copy of XP11 (not at the same time, of course!) nothing is updated. I am terrible clumsy in all this stuff, but as far as I can think it must be something to do with Simlink which doesn’t recognize my 2nd copy of XP11.
Can this be fixed and how?
Does Navighraph need any proof that I am really the owner of 2 legal copies of XP11 (on the same machine) before they can solve the problem? Maybe there is a simple sollution which I am missing, but I repeat I am
very clumsy in all these mathers (comes with the age I guess :smiling_face:)
Awaiting some reply, and a sollution if possible,

Best Regards,
Eddy, The Netherlands

Hello, welcome back to our forum!

That’s an interesting scenario, and definitely not one that is currently supported by us. However, there should be at least two different workarounds!

Manually copy the plugin to the new installation

Copy the NavigraphSimlink_64.xpl file from /Resources/plugins in your first installation to the same location in your new installation. Simlink should start working again!

Change the X-Plane 11 path in the Simlink settings

  1. Open Simlink
  2. Select the Plugin Status tab
  3. Press the Plugin settings button
  4. Press the three dots on the right of the X-Plane 11 plugin option:


  5. Select the folder in which you installed your 2nd copy of X-Plane 11
  6. Press the “Install Simlink” button

Both of these options should work fine. Let me know if you still have issues!

Kind Regards,

Hello Malte,
first of all thank you for replying and trying to help me. The first suggestion that you provided doesn’t work. I did exactly what you said (I hope☺) but the GNS 530 in the 2nd copy of XP wasn’t updated so stil the “nav out of date” when I clicked on the MSG button . Restarted the comp., that sometimes helps, nope. Ran the FMS updater once again, no luck.
So over to the second suggestion. But please try not to laugh, I can’t find the Simlink settings, looked everywhere (told you I’m clumsy with this stuff and most of nthe time I mess up things big time).
The only thing that comes in view when I click on the Simlink icon on my desktop, is a little message that said: “Navigraph Simlink is already running on your computer”. I want to attach a screenshot of this, but I can’t even find how to enclose it in my reply. Sorry. (I was born in the time people used seashells to pay each other.) :crazy_face:

Best regards,

I’m sorry, you posted in the Simlink/Moving Map section of the forum (and mentioned Simlink in your original post) so I assumed that you wanted help getting Simlink to work, not install navigation data - that is a different story altogether :slight_smile:

The steps to update the navigation data of the second X-Plane installation should be pretty similar to the ones I already provided though - you probably need to change the path to X-Plane in FMS Data Manager. If you need more help with this, let me know!

Simlink is a tray application, meaning that it runs in the background. You can bring it to the foreground by finding Simlink in the system tray, right-clicking it and then selecting “Plugin settings”!


That should bring up this menu that I mentioned before:

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

thanks again but I guess there is/was some kind of a communication error. It is probably because English is not my native language (=Dutch) and I didn’t use the right words/expressions to made myself totally clear. I never had any lessons in English, all is by self study.

You are right, the only thing I wanted is for the Simlink to work. The only reason I checked the navdata in the GPS of the 2nd sim (172) was because that was how I thought I could see if the Simlink had worked. Wrong way of thinking, of course. :smiling_face:

OK, now,… “finding the Simlink in the system tray”. The icon was not visible in the system tray at first. I had to open the system tray a couple of times before it came in view (believe it or not) and I could select the “plugin settings”. After entering the path to my 2nd copy of XP here everything turned out fine. Also changed the path in the FMS Data Manager and ran the updates again (to my new copy of XP). Navadata was updated in the GPS now. So all good. Navigraph is working in both sims without having to change everything when I switch from one sim to another. Only,… when saving a flightplan to both sims I have to do it by exporting the flightplan to the FMS Flight sub-folder in the “output” folder of X-plane twice (once to each sim), or just copy/paste via the explorer from the one to the other works also. Another thing I guess I have to do, is change the paths once every month in the FMS Data Manager to enter the new airac cycle in both sims. Maybe also have to change the path in the plugin settings, but I don’t think so. (I could be wrong of course , as usual :smiling_face:)

All in all,… “so far so good”… (that’s what the man said when falling from the Eifel Tower before hitting the ground :smiling_face:)

A big thanks again for helping me out, much appreciated !

Best Regards,


Happy to hear that the issues were resolved!

You could probably solve the flight plans part of this by creating a symbolic link between the FMS Plans folders. Perhaps even the navigation data part, but that depends on whether they changed the format of the navigation data or not.

I have not tried any of this, just hinting at possible routes to explore if you get annoyed with the procedure down the road!

Feel free to open new topics if you have any other issues!

Kind Regards,

Hello Malte,

“You could probably solve the flight plans part of this by creating a symbolic link between the FMS Plans folders”. That’s what I mean with having very limited computer knowledge, I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about :smiling_face::smiling_face::smiling_face: I looked up (Google) what a symbolic link is and how to do it and I will gladly leave everything like it is :smiling_face: At almost 74 years of age, life is getting more complicated each year. Learning something is one thing, remember it is another. :smiling_face:

Perhaps even the navigation data part, but that depends on whether they changed the format of the navigation data or not”. I don’t understand what this is all about, it might as well be Swahili. :smiling_face:

I have no problem with saving a flight plan twice (if necessary) this will very rarely occur.

Although most is rather self-explanatory, it would be very handy if there was some sort of manual somewhere to be found. Is there one, because I don’t find it anywhere?

On the website there is a TAB “Downloads” with a section “Manual Downloads” with 4 vertical columns: Developer / Software / Software Type / Download. What is the purpose of this?

At the bottom (see attachment) there is something indicated about X-Plane 11. Is this something I should install?

I can’t thank you enough for the support. For stone age people like me such support is of the most importance. Thumbs up Navigraph !!!

Remark about the charts: it would be very handy if the VOR and NDB symbols on the charts were a big bigger and in a more contrasting color. Now there are in light gray and almost translucent. I fly GA in VFR almost all of the time and use this navaids very much. I have to go the Navigation settings and delete the waypoints and terminal waypoints to have a better view on the VOR/NDB navaids. If the “waypoints” and “terminal waypoints” are “on” then it is very difficult to spot the VOR/NBS stations unless they were better visible. Just the opinion of a moderate simmer. (take a look yourself) :smiling_face:

Best Regards,


Hi Malte, me again

sorry to bother you again but I must correct something from my mail I send you ± 1 hour ago. Forget about the “remarks about the charts”. You don’t have to answer on that because in the meantime I figured out a few things in the settings of the charts. If I set only “NDB Navaids / Terminal NDB Navaids / VHF Navaids visible in the Navigation Tab I see just those, nothing else, and that’s what I was looking for. But if they could be more visible when using another color for the circles around them, and maybe a big bigger, is still something of an improvement in my opinion.

Best Regards,


There is no updated manual for Navigraph Charts itself (you can find an outdated version here). There are many short guides on our YouTube channel though, so perhaps that could help!

If you want more details about the charts (and parts of the enroute map) you can read this guide for Jeppesen Charts:

Thanks for your feedback! The map is designed to be general-purpose, and there are cases where it does not fit the use case perfectly. Apologies for the inconvenience!


If you feel strongly about this, feel free to open a dedicated topic in the Wishlist category!

Kind Regards,

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