Generate flight plan in the background from exported Navigraph Charts route


I know that a variation of this has been posted on here before, and that a workaround has been posted by Skysail before, but I wanted to offer my opinion on the matter. I am hoping for a way to upload the Navigraph Charts-genereted route to SimBrief, in such a way as to have the flight plan generated right away on SimBrief’s servers, without having to leave the Navigraph Charts app to open SimBrief.

The reason for this is simple, though it may appear backwards at first given that SimBrief is a flight planner, as Skysail pointed out.

As most apps/planes/etc offer a way to import flight plans from SimBrief, but none from Navigraph, the Navigraph route generation feature is fairly cumbersome to use, due to how long it can be. Having to enter such a long route manually is very tedious, and so I tend to completely ignore this feature. However, by having the ability to export it to SimBrief from Navigraph, and have SimBrief handle the route in the background to generate a simple flight for you, without any weights, plane, or weather data to worry about, Navigraph’s route generator would actually finally become useful.

Then, I would use that feature for the times where I don’t care about weights, weather, or any supplementary data, but rather, just the route itself and the charts I would need from Navigraph. Then, I can import this route into whatever apps and planes I am using, without ever having to use the SimBrief site, and all done from Navigraph Charts.

I decided to post this on the SimBrief forum because most of the heavy-lifting would be done by SimBrief, with the Navigraph Charts app only just sending the route to SimBrief’s servers.

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Navigraph Charts provides a number of formats to export to FS’s :

Please elaborate on “route generation feature is fairly cumbersome to use, due to how long it can be. Having to enter such a long route manually is very tedious”.


Hi Ian,

Right, I realize that Charts has the option to export the route in a few different formats, but unfortunately it’s very limited as compared to SimBrief. For example, there’s no vPilot export option for VATSIM, nor an FLP format for Aerosoft CRJ, nor an XML datafile format which I use for OnAir, nor does it allow for direct SimBrief import as is done by the FBW A320, for example.

I mean exactly that… The reason we import routes is to avoid having to enter them manually. So if Navigraph Charts could make use of SimBrief’s existing infrastructure, that would be very useful.


Hi Cesar,

Thank you for the explanation.

We shall take your valuable suggestions into account as we develop the new Charts Version.


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