Conectar navdata con x-plane

Buenas tardes. Perdon por mi ignoracin, pro soy incapad de conectar navdata con el simulador, por lo que np puedo ver el vuelop en navigraph charts. Dejo una imagen de lo que me sale y agradeceria mucho culaquier tipo de ayuda

this is an english forum, please use this language that wecan understand your message.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I am unable to connect navdata with the simulator, so I can’t see the flightp in navigraph charts. I leave an image of what I get and I would greatly appreciate any kind of help


Please post details so we can replicate as per Posting Guide - FMS Data Services.


Hello. I have a question about navcenter. Is it only valid for FS2020? I have a PC with W10 and my simulator is X-plane 11 and the plane’s tracking does not appear in the chart, although I do not know if it is possible with this simulator. Any help series very much appreciated


Navigraph Navdata Center is for MSFS and some MSFS addons.

X-Plane supports moving map (plane tracking).

You need to download and install Simlink to provide moving map.

Please let us know how you get on.


I have installed simlink and I get this, it does not find x-planeCaptura


That message suggests X-Plane has been detected and updated with Simlink Plugin.

Please run X-Plane 11.

Using FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray and Guide to posting Screenshots ,

Please post screenshots of your Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings and Status:


Buenas tardes. I attach you images of how simlink is shown to me. The simulator is open but not detected. That’s the problem i haveCaptura 1
Captura 2
Captura 3
Captura 4

Please. Is there any solution?

Sorry for delay. Please use Upload icon to send log when Simlink isn’t connecting.


Excuse me I do not understand ingels and I do it through a translator. I could specify a little more or include an image. Please. Thanks

Please, I would need a solution to the problem I have in order to use simlik. Please send screenshots with the problem in question


From our communication, your posted issue seems like some system settings are wrong, to fix this please follow below troubleshoot points,

  1. Close the Navigraph Simlink and any running flight simulator.

  2. Open system settings and go to Time & Language option. image

  3. In Time & Language goto “Language”->“Administrative language settings” option

  4. Now it will open the “Region” window. In that open window please select the “English (United States)” language for the non-Unicode program section.

  5. After set language please click on the “OK” button. (It may ask for restart the system.)

  6. If the system asks for a restart to apply the setting then please allow restarting.

  7. Now start the flight simulator and check “Moving Map” working or not.
    Note: In the case of MSFS 2020 please start the Simlink application manually if Simlink is not running.

Please let us know if the Moving map functionality not working after applying the above troubleshoot points.


Ahir Vishal D.