Cirrus SF50 Climb Performance

Just timed a flight in the XP11 SF50 and I beat the estimated TOC time by ~10 minutes. Sim weather was matching real weather that SimBrief output reported. I’ve noticed the trend for most of my flights so I’m starting to think the performance profile in the SimBrief aircraft is off. If I can help by gathering data or anything I’d be happy to.

Looking at the real world performance of the SF50, it seems the climb time is strongly affected by ISA deviation.

For example, on the flight you generated right before your post (KSAN-KSBP), you had a TOW of 5759 lbs and climbed to FL280.

The real aircraft takes around 20 minutes at ISA to climb in these conditions, and 27 minutes at ISA+10.

On your flight, during climb the temperature varied anywhere from ISA+15 on the ground to ISA+07 at cruise, and your OFP showed a time to climb of 26 minutes. This seems to be in line with the real aircraft, so SimBrief’s profile is correct from what I can see.

That being said, it’s possible your add-on’s performance is inaccurate, or perhaps it isn’t as affected by ISA deviation as it should be. I don’t have any SF50 add-ons so I can’t test this myself unfortunately.

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