Does SimBrief account for air temp (ISA) when determining cruise level?

The cruise levels I get for the MS ATR-72 seem pretty optimistic when I’m flying in the tropics (e.g. Papua New Guinea). With a full load and CLB power setting, by the time I get to FL210/200, I’m climbing at or below 100 fpm.

Temps for the past week or so have been 19 to 25 C above ISA

Hi, thanks for the report.

SimBrief does account for ISA, but each aircraft profile is affected differently by ISA differences.

The ATR profiles were incomplete in this regard. I’ve found some better data online and have updated the SimBrief profiles accordingly, which should result in lower altitude selections and longer climb times in general when planning flights above ISA.

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Does the alternate route use the same calculation? It always seems to be several thousand feet above the main route even when there’s not much fuel burned along the main route.

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