Update Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet profile

I fly the SF50 in the SIM and have come across a FLP that gives me a warning on the range of the aircraft, when I have seen this same FLP flown in Reality on YouTube (https://youtu.be/ULOH6IfdjTw?si=uuEdNqAonGHw6iNl&t=531), I’ve messed with the aircraft config a little, but big adjustments like removing the alternate airport had to be made to achieve this, which we know would not do as a pilot in the real world.

Hi, quite simply this flight is at the limit of the SF50 range. It isn’t unusual to have to “finesse” the flight parameters to make such a flight work.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • SimBrief adds 15 minutes of Contingency Fuel by default. Likely the real flight did not, as there is no legal requirement for it in this case.
  • The real flight did not necessarily plan an alternate. Please read here for the requirements to file an alternate when flying IFR in the US: When Do You Need To File An Alternate Under IFR? | Boldmethod
  • The headwinds may have been less strong on the day of this flight, versus today’s winds that SimBrief is using.
  • The real flight might have cruised at a lower speed (LRC, for example). This increases range at the expense of a slower airspeed and longer time enroute.
  • On a few of your attempts, you forced a lower cruise altitude of FL240. In general, lower altitudes yield less range.

Looking at the video, they took off with around 275 USG and landed with about 75 USG. That’s an enroute burn of 200 USG, or around 1,350 LBS. Most of your SimBrief flights calculated a burn between 1,350 and 1,400 LBS, so it looks like SimBrief’s profile is pretty close.

Hope this helps,