Cheapest (used) tablet that will run Navigraph app?

I understand that “Android Tablet 11” or “iPad OS 12.4” is minimum software requirements.

But I think there’s also the issue of display size. Navigraph app doesn’t support the small displays, so I’m not totally sure which used tablet to go searching for?

I just want the cheapest I can find that is compatible, as I’ll be mounting it on my yoke and only really use it for flight simming.

Any recommendations?


2 months ago, Navigraph only supported tablets sized 10" and above it seems. But I think a 10" tablet is too big to fit between the handles on the Honeycomb Alpha yoke?


Within the next couple of days we will enter public beta of the mobile version of Charts, which should work on any display size, including smartphones.

The app will benefit a performant CPU given its new vector IFR and VFR maps, globe view, and other features. The newer device, the better performance you will see.



That’s great news. Then I can just use my iPhone 14 Pro, I guess :slight_smile:
Not sure if it will feel “cramped” reading charts on such a small device, but I’ll give it a go before I enter the market for a used tablet.

Thanks for the quick and positive reply!

Here are a few sneak peek screenshots from an iPhone 10 mini, for reference.



That certainly looks useful!
I better start 3D printing an iPhone-holder for my Honeycomb :smiley:

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Good - and welcome - news!

Hi guys,

Check out this post if you’d like to try out the new mobile version!



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