Charts won't run

I can’t get Charts to run on my new PC.

The window opens but says it needs an active internet connection.
I am connected to the internet (as you can see from the fact that I have posted this)

I have read the previous post regarding this but it didn’t help at all.

Win 11, no idea if there is a firewall running, AVG anti virus.

Hey @adesmith754,

I have turned on extensive logging for your account. Please try again, preferably after a computer reboot, and see if it helps. If not, we would have some logs to investigate further.

Kind regards,


Computer rebooted.
Tried again, same result


Ah, we don’t get any logging because the app detects no internet from the start. What happens is that it fails to contact

You can try to click that link; if it downloads a file, it will indicate that your computer has no problem reaching our servers but that the Charts app is blocked from creating outgoing connections. If, on the other hand, you get an error, it might indicate what is going on.

The most likely reason is a firewall that blocks the access for the application. Try to turn off any firewalls and antivirus and see if it helps. Keep us updated!

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I can get that link and it downloads a small file.
I have put an exception in AVG (anti virus) for the whole navigraph folder, still no joy.
No idea if I have a firewall or even how to find out.

That’s not going to help. You don’t need to set an exception for a folder in your antivirus, but rather look at the firewall rules instead. Not familiar with AVG so I don’t know where to look, but it’s important to know that an antivirus and firewall are two different things (even if they may be bundled as part of the same security suite).