Charts Not Appearing

I have been using Navi charts in my FF 767-300 and 200 for years, with no issue. As of late, however, the FF tablet still allows me to enter the ICAO code at the top and then shows the chart list on the right. But, when selecting the needed SID, STAR, APP, Info charts, etc the icons appear on the bottom of the screen but when selecting them, most just show up white.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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On windows platform, X-Plane


Could you please restart your sim and try again now?



Restarted, selected six charts from dep and arr icaos, only two are visible

Not sure if this is of value but the two visible charts both have the plane icon on then

Ok, just proved my above post. I rebooted my computer again, loaded my 767-300 (before was my 200) and loaded three charts from CYVR (my present location, and three more from KSFO. CYVR ones show data while KSFO ones do not.


We are unable to reproduce.

Can you load these charts if you visit in a browser on the simulator computer?



Yes, no problem loading these, or any, charts


No problems loading KSFO charts here:

You might try a redownload/reinstall of the latest 767-300.


I did that, a completely clean install of the 767. Same issue with the FlightFactor tablet, yet I can access all charts in the plane using AviTab. Disappointing…

Can Close the discussion; not a Navi issue. Thanks for your help

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying