No custom WP in charts from MSFS FP

And further down this Rabbit Hole …

FP generated in World map with User waypoints, then entering FLY, it is correctly depicted in MSFS with it’s User Waypoints, and is visible on the VFR Map, and the GNS530 & GNS750.

But if “Navigraph Charts” are then loaded, and told to load the current Flight Plan as detected in the sim, there are no signs of the User Defined Waypoints on the Navigraph Chart display, so Navigraph did not seem to recognize those User waypoints and thus does NOT correctlyt display the FP that is currently loaded in the sim.

Literally “The Plot Thickens” !!


User waypoints are not yet supported in Charts, but will be soon as the feature is in internal testing.

If you upload your PLN file here we can have a look and verify in our development build.



Maybe you could try this one out, and post a screen shot if it works

fpl.pln (5.5 KB)

Yes, it looks promising!

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It looks “AMAZING” – Great news – Well done .

Any idea of a release date ?


It has been released on Desktop, web and the in-game panel.

iOS and Android are coming as soon as Apple and Google are done with reviews!