Charts 8 - Use of FAA A/FD and Nav Canada CFS


I love the new features of Charts 8. However, it could cater a bit more to VFR operations.

I’m a real-world pilot and have to reference the FAA Airport/Facility Directory when flying, and this has information on most (if not all) public-use airports in the United States. See below for an example:

A wealth of information in the remarks, compared to…:

Similarly, in Canada, we get access to information in the Canada Flight Supplement (and Canada Water Supplement):

Once again, some nifty information (especially the procedures section) that isn’t represented as holistically in the Charts 8 version:

I realize there’s some limitations with what information can be harvested from Jeppesen, but this info is obtainable from Foreflight and Fltplan Go, which makes them so powerful. I guess I was expecting Charts 8 to have that information as well, and more.

Nonetheless, this is a good start. I look forward to seeing VFR and GA operations being more and more represented in the flight sim community.

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