Providing world AIPs and VFR charts

Navigraph has been a reliable source of navigation data for aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Your dedication to providing accurate and up-to-date information has greatly enhanced the flight planning and simulation experience. However, the absence of comprehensive World VFR Charts and AIP in your offerings is a notable gap that I believe would greatly benefit the aviation simulation community.

World VFR Charts:
VFR flying is an essential aspect of general aviation, allowing pilots to navigate and enjoy the freedom of flight while adhering to visual flight rules. The availability of FAA charts has greatly enhanced situational awareness, route planning, and overall navigation capabilities in the U.S. airspace.

Considering the positive impact that the FAA Charts have had on pilots operating within the United States, Navigraph should consider including World VFR Charts in its comprehensive suite of services.

Providing VFR (Visual Flight Rules) charts would be immensely valuable, as it would provide pilots with detailed visual representations of airspace, ground features, landmarks, and other pertinent information necessary for VFR navigation. These charts would enhance situational awareness, aid in flight planning, and contribute to a safer and more immersive VFR flying experience.

World AIP:
AIPs are crucial resources that contain comprehensive aeronautical information, including regulations, procedures, and operational data for specific regions or countries. Extending Navigraph’s coverage to include World AIPs would be immensely beneficial for pilots, flight instructors, and aviation enthusiasts who seek accurate and standardized information for flight planning and operations across the globe. Having access to AIPs within the Navigraph would streamline the flight planning process and empower users with a wealth of vital information at their fingertips.

By incorporating World VFR Charts and AIPs into Navigraph, you would further solidify your position as a go-to platform for flight simulator data. Your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has already made Navigraph an indispensable tool for flight simulator enthusiasts. Expanding your offerings to include World VFR Charts and AIPs would undoubtedly elevate the user experience and attract an even wider audience.

I understand that the inclusion of these resources may involve substantial effort, including collaboration with various authorities and organizations worldwide. However, I firmly believe that the benefits would be significant and far-reaching, making Navigraph an unrivaled all-in-one solution for flight simulation data needs.

I sincerely appreciate your dedication to providing top-notch services and products to the sim community. I eagerly await any updates regarding the potential inclusion of World VFR Charts and AIPs in Navigraph.

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We’re always evaluating what to do next and this wishlist is an important part in our decision making.

Just a few comments - there is no single World VFR source, as I think you know as you mentioned AIPs, but you also mentioned ”standardized” and unfortunately that is not the case, neither in terms of the chart formats nor the technical implementation. It can be done, usually, but with varying degrees of effort.

We added FAA VFR and TFR charts due to them being standardized and free, and at the same time having very high demand as the US being one of the biggest markets.

We’ll keep monitoring user demand and chart availability. It would probably be more useful with separate wishlist topics for individual countries as these demands and technical complexities are completely individual per country.

PS. If you fly in Europe or South Africa you can enjoy VFR procedures using our VFR map layer in Charts, with data supplied by Jeppesen. It is already available for you to use.