Charts 8 - manual editing of the flight plan line again

Windows 10
Navigraph Charts App ver 8.20.2 build 4253623677

Matter referred to here…

has reared its ugly head again :stuck_out_tongue:

Further Observations

Default edit view of Flight Plan Line…

In my view, the colour contrast between flight plan text and background could do with some improvement.

If one highlights the flight plan text, this is what you see ( although as per thread title) the ability to right click and copy has gone missing again. :frowning:

Out of interest…if you change the map scale in settings, this is what you see, but it doesn’t stick…

OH, AND the added bonus of the Ctl + -, Ctl + 0, and Ctl + Shift + ‘+’, to control the Charts App magnification is AWESOME , a REAL BONUS for those whose eyes are growing tired, and have a monitor resolution greater than 1080P.
Perhaps this option could be added to the settings page as links, or at least mentioned to make others more aware of the possibilities


We’re investigating the missing context meny for mouse copy/paste operation. Of course you can use keyboard commands for this still.

We’ll revise the text editing color to something with better contrast.

We’ll also consider adding those zoom options as buttons to Settings.

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