Charts 8 - manual editing of the flight plan line

Using Charts 8 Windows v8.14.0 app.

When in edit mode, it is possible to highlight part of the flight plan, but not then right mouse clickable to have the option to copy/cut/paste the highlight data.

Given Charts 8 is very much a mouse action driven app, could this feature be added.


You can use Ctrl-C / Ctrl-X / Ctrl-V to do that.

I shall report the request to have the right mouse option available.


Charts 8 Windows v 8.16.0 app just released has resolved the problem…sorted.
Thanks Ian :smiley:

Just a further update @Ian

Re: Navigraph Charts version 8.16.0.

(My current experience)
In the browser version, right mouse click, copy/cut/paste WORKS
In the Charts App version, right mouse click, copy/cut/paste Does NOT Work :frowning:

I have full faith in Navigraph, this will be sorted :slight_smile:


This right mouse copy/cut/paste works for Charts Cloud and Charts Desktop V 8.19


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