Charts 8 Flt Pln from Parking area-How To

All or Navigraph, this may be something I just do not know how to do.
History-If I create a FP in Simbrief, as far as I can tell, cannot start flight in parking area instead of Active RW. Why problem.
MSFS2020 - PMDG 737 plane - If I created FP in Simbrief, and load it into MSFS, it starts my flight at RW selected, especially true if using PMDG-737 (mostly to learn how to make it work correctly). It appears, in Charts 8, I might be able to select Parking Area to start flight, but not sure how to correctly start that process, then proceed to RW and start flight.
Why Important-Best way to learn controls in plane is from cold and dark state, so that is what I do. Tying up active RW getting all systems working (RL) would be rude as well as illegal. In sim, not so much big deal, but just is not done. So want to start flight at PA. Then when importing into MSFS, it puts plane at that place and can do my CL and get setup correctly. Some of this is Asobo’s fault and the way PMDG had to code plane, so it works in SIM. PMDG says to NOT created FP in world map but do it inside plane using either an imported FP or step by step in FMC.
I am going to play around with this and see if I can figure it out, but someone must know how to do it. Your assistance would be appreciated, or the link to a YT video showing how it’s done please. Happy Flying.

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